Shades of Silver

Mr. Magic
Road Song
Walking on the Moon

The Chuck Anderson Trio

Match Sticks
Exit Blues
Wind Mist
Night Hawk

Silver, Schreiber and Coccio

Myles from Home
Bird of Prey

The Nerve

Disappearing Mind

Jordan Schreiber

Make It Bleed

Curt Sheller Trio

I’ll Remember April
Summer’s Dawn



The Chuck Anderson Trio’s latest album, Dominos, was recently reviewed by Jazz Guitar Today:

ca2nhDominos, the sixth jazz guitar featured album from the Chuck Anderson Trio, consists of twelve of Anderson’s new original compositions. The trio consists of guitarist Chuck Anderson, bassist Eric Schreiber, and drummer Ed Rick. Eleven tracks feature the full trio, while one is an unaccompanied solo guitar piece. However, this is not a typical guitar trio sound – Anderson’s sophisticated use of voicings in comps, and chord melody realizations lend a breadth of orchestration not often heard in such a format. Further, Anderson’s unique attention to compositional technique and craft results in harmonically rich tunes with a depth and intrigue more often associated with pianistic writing. The tunes range from uptempo swing to Latin to funk feels, offering a great variety within a unified musical conception.

Read the full review on the Jazz Guitar Today website.

Night Hawk

The Chuck Anderson Trio’s 2013 album, Night Hawk, was praised by Guitar International:

ca2nhNight Hawk is a prime example of what makes the Chuck Anderson Trio special. The originality of Anderson’s compositions and his superior guitar work set the standard. Schreiber and Rick excel at what they do, providing the integral backbone of the trio. The selection of standards and new compositions are the ideal canvas for Anderson, Schreiber and Rick to work their improvisational artistry.

Read the full review on the Guitar International website.


The Trio’s 2010 album, Freefall, was similarly praised.

caffThis album should be listened to by guitar masters who still want to learn how to play their instrument. Everyone else runs the risk of being enchanted by the proper expression of an instrument which has told the human story almost since the beginning of recorded history … Eric Schreiber on 5-string bass and Ed Rick on drums and percussion provide perfect foils for Anderson. At times Anderson and Schreiber function almost as one instrument: their playing is that well-coordinated.

Read the full review at All About Jazz.

Shades of Silver

ca2nh‘Shades of Silver’, a collection of new music featuring ‘The Nerve’, ‘Silver, Schreiber and Coccio’ (progressive fusion trio), and Scot Silver (acoustic solo). ‘Shades of Silver’ is on sale now.


ca2nh‘Kaleidescape’, Shades of Silver’s new album, is now on sale! Listen to sound clips and buy it now at CD Baby.


ca2nhFlow is ‘The Nerve’s’ latest album. Thirteen tracks of original music, written and performed by the group. On sale now.

The Nerve EP

ca2nh‘The Nerve’s’ 2009 EP on sale now.

How About More Uke?

‘The Curt Sheller Trio’s’ 2015 release.

ca2nhThis is definitely a soothing, finely calibrated and harmonically rich collection. With its ebullient rhythms, vivacious tempos, and unrestrained high-spirited melodies, listeners will without a doubt get carried away by this blissful album. The use of the ukulele adds a compelling dynamic and an astonishing vibe in every track of the album; it is ambitious, cleverly layered and electrifying.

Read the full review online. CD on sale now.